Monday, April 12, 2010

How do i find a girlfriend in a small town ?

well my question is i'm single and have been for a while , can picture another lonely holidays and valentines day fast approaching.

live in a small town of 18,000 . wondering how can i find a girlfriend or what could i do to improve my chances ? as i haven't been having much luck lately . ( well realise i might not find one rate away but would like to find one in next 5 months or so if possible )

in past didn't have much luck at high school dating scene and at college did better but didn't find a relationship and now back home and not finding things going anywhere.

How do i find a girlfriend in a small town ?
Go to church!
Reply:start volunteering, you always find something when you arent looking
Reply:u don't have to!
Reply:Around this time of year I'd try going to school, college and hospital dances (for the nurses). Try to get phone numbers and follow up the cute ones.
Reply:You find a gf in a small town the same way you find a gf in a big town. DUH! lol
Reply:some people wait for yrs

let it come naturally

go out you'll meet someone
Reply:Stand on a podium with a sign that says "Will Work for a Girlfriend". I'd bet you'll get someone to at least talk to you and who knows. Someone might start to like you because of the humor behind the sign.
Reply:You could be my neighbor as we're in the same boat. I've been single here for several years in a town of about 18,000. I know to avoid the bar scene for potential mates but have found doing volunteer work is a great way to meet others who have the qualities I seek in a relationship. Nothing long terrm as yet but have made some great friends and done a lot of satisfying work.
Reply:The best way to meet people is to get involved in things. Go to church. Volunteer for a cause that interests you. Join groups. Get out and do things. You will meet people who know people. You may even meet the girl of your dreams. Good luck!!
Reply:get out at walk around the small town
Reply:It depends what kind of girl you want to find. I would suggest you to go to church, local library, health centers, gyms (where I met mine), discos, museums, etc. Even via internet. Try different ways. You should go somewhere all the time. You may not find in a week but you go over and over and over. Be around people, be communicable.
Reply:I would like to say go to a bar but really.. meet friends and hopefully more friends through their friends and just being social. even hanging out at family events you might meet someone not related... being social and open i would say would be good. don't stay at home, no one's gonna come and knock on the door. and when you feel the right one comes along, don't be anxious.. take it easy and let it work out! Good Luck!
Reply:1) Hobbies....You need to be diverse in your activities. If you like sports, then join a team or a gym. If you like Astronomy, join a get the need to put yourself in a position where there are other people of similar likes.

2) Don't be afraid to get rejected. Its going to happen. they are not rejecting you...they don't know you..they are rejecting either the circumstance or the idea of going out. If you get rejected, brush it off and move on.

3) You don't have to be a smooth operator.. but you do have to be interesting. How do you get along with co-workers? Do they think you are a fun guy to be around? You need to maintain a persons interest on a date, or the first date will be the last.

4) Nervous Jarvis will kill a potential date. I know it is hard...but if you are asking someone out...or even going out on the first date, try not to be nervous...too nervous, and you will make your date uncomfortable. Plus they will think you lack confidence. Why be nervous anyway...your not marrying your fact, you should go out on a date with the intention that YOU are going to have a good time...the date is your date, so enjoy it!

Good luck...Try match maker or an on-line can't hurt (Unless you let it)
Reply:Hell that's a big city compared to where I live. 100 in my community, 300 in the closest town and 1750 in the county seat. Sometimes I have had to settle for some less than desirable's just to keep my whistle wet. Don't be to picky is all I guess I can say, unless you're looking for a keeper. In that case you may have to move or look elsewhere. Here it's like swapping, everyone knows everyone else and has slept with half of them. Everybody is raisnig everybody elses kids. I guess Hillary was right, it does take a village, full of idiots.
Reply:It's actually easier to find someone to have a relationship if that person comes from a small town. Everybody knows everybody almost and you could ask someone if they know someone who might be your match :). Good luck! :)
Reply:there are always nice girls at church... or there's always the last resort of internet dating :)
Reply:call an escort service


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